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Quality and environmental policy

The organisation of PUNT VERD GIRONA S.L. aims to ensure that the quality of its garden execution and maintenance services is faithful to the expectations of each client, thus ensuring the long-term success of the company. The fulfilment of customer requirements, the satisfaction of their expectations, the preservation of the environment, the application of good environmental practices and risk prevention are part of the strategic principles of our company.

Through the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System of PUNT VERD GIRONA S.L., we work towards improved environmental behaviour by providing a work dynamic structured to achieve continuous improvement and ensuring compliance at all times with the applicable legal regulations and requirements and with any other requirements that the organisation may subscribe to.

The following points are established, declared and assumed:

Product and service quality

The final quality of the product and service delivered by the client is the result of planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT during the whole cycle.

Our daily work will be impregnated with a formal and professional performance oriented to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers, that is why:

  • The contractual requirements, wishes and expectations of our clients are the only criteria for establishing the quality standard of our services, as well as regulatory compliance.
  • The quality requirements and contractual demands must be effectively translated into specifications that will be provided to the suppliers (nurseries, plant protection products, soils, irrigation material…) in a COMPLETE and OPURTUNEOUS way.
  • Quality is a common task for all areas of the organisation (management, administration department, commercial and HR department, technical director, Quality and Environment department and production), each of the areas must assume that it is a client and supplier of the organisation’s departments and people.
  • Each employee of PUNT VERD GIRONA S.L. is responsible for the quality of their work. The management and the person in charge of Quality and the Environment are responsible for PROMOTING the implementation of the Organisation’s Policies and Objectives, checking their execution through audits.
  • The application of this Quality and Environment Policy requires the integration of the entire human team of the organisation, therefore MOTIVATION and TRAINING are considered a priority.


Availability of resources

The necessary resources to implement and maintain the Integrated Quality and Environment System are determined and provided, therefore:

  • The necessary competence is determined for personnel carrying out work that affects the Quality and Environment of the work.
  • Ensures that personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their activity and how it contributes to the quality and environment of the work.
  • The necessary infrastructure, equipment and services are maintained – and with affordable technology – to achieve conformity with product and service requirements and in conditions of minimum environmental impact.


Minimising environmental impact and preventing pollution

We will make a continuous effort to identify, characterise and improve the environmental impact arising from activities and operations directly or indirectly related to the organisation. Pollution prevention and assessment of potential risks will be carried out.

Legislation is considered in the planning of actions that may have a significant impact on the environment, especially in those areas where there is no applicable legislation.

Environmental collaboration

We will collaborate, whenever necessary, with the different administrations, non-governmental organisations and public and private entities in the search for solutions to environmental problems.

We are committed to complying with all the legal requirements applicable to the organisation and any other requirements related to our environmental aspects that we may subscribe to.

Communication and information

We will facilitate the establishment of internal communication within the organisation, favouring the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System, with criteria of transparency.

The Quality and Environment policy is available to all employees and persons who may act on behalf of the organisation and to the general public for their knowledge.

In relation to environmental aspects, information on objectives achieved and work in progress will also be provided to external interested parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) when required.


The PUNT VERD GIRONA S.L. organisation, in order to offer prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement of our services and to reflect quality expectations, undertakes to act in accordance with the integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

This Quality and Environmental Policy is reviewed periodically in order to adapt it continuously.

Address 20/04/2017

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