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News – The cure for the garden

We have to keep in mind not to neglect our garden even if we don’t spend so much time in it because the cold weather invites us to stay indoors.

News – Benefits of vertical gardens

Vertical gardens, also called green walls, are a trend in gardening. They have been used for years to integrate green spaces in urban areas, among other uses. They are used both outdoors and indoors and they often have an integrated irrigation system.

News – Summer plants for your garden

In this article we list a selection of five types of sun-resistant summer plants. They will help you to enjoy a beautiful and lively garden during the most joyful and long-awaited season of the year.

News – How to keep your swimming pool free of Coronavirus

However, in view of the situation we are suffering due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), it is important to consider the recommendations regarding the disinfection and cure of the swimming pool.

News – Cures and tips: what does a garden need in spring?

Autumn is here and with it comes the spectacle of colours that nature has to offer. The leaves on the trees are changing colour and the sunsets are showing us unforgettable landscapes.

News – Types of tree pruning

La poda és un procés necessari perquè els arbres es desenvolupin correctament i es mantinguin sans. Tanmateix, cal tenir en compte quan cal aplicar-la i quan no.

News – Opt for a natural tree this Christmas

The Christmas holidays are approaching and the tree is undoubtedly the protagonist in our homes. If you still don’t have one, we are sure you are wondering what to choose: a natural fir tree or an artificial one.

News – The 5 most common trees in private gardens

When you are working on the design of a garden, you have to take into account that all the elements that make it up (trees, plants, etc.) are in harmony.

News – Lawns: What is the best choice for every garden?

La gespa és un component gairebé indispensable quan pensem en qualsevol espai verd, sigui per a un habitatge particular o per a una zona comuna. Si estàs pensant a posar-ne en el teu jardí i no saps per on començar, aquest article t’interessa.

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