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News – Summer plants for your garden

The good weather is approaching and you are wondering which are the best summer plants for your garden?

Do you want to know which are the most resistant to high temperatures and which require the easiest care? Then you are reading the right post! In this article we list a selection of five types of sun-resistant summer plants. They will help you to enjoy a beautiful and lively garden during the most joyful and long-awaited season of the year.

1. Geranium

This is one of the best-known sun and heat resistant outdoor plants. It flowers all year round and does not require demanding care, which is why it is a regular in all gardens, terraces and balconies during the summer and all seasons of the year. In addition, it has a wide variety of bright and cheerful colours: pink, red, lilac, white and even combined shades. It is a plant that does not require too much water (in summer it only needs to be watered twice a week) and the leaves and flowers should not get wet during watering.


2. Dahlia

A lush, pompom-shaped flower, the dahlia blooms from early summer to late autumn. It likes sun and is resistant to high temperatures, but requires abundant and frequent watering (which should be done during the hours when the sun is not shining). It must also be protected from the wind. Originally from Mexico, it can be found with white, yellow, orange, red, pink and multicoloured flowers, among others. It is also available in several species.


3. Aromatic plants

Well known and widely used in gardening, aromatic plants are a good choice for the summer. However, not all of them are, as some are not suitable for full sun and should be discarded. Among the most resistant to sun and heat are lavender, thyme and rosemary. They are easy to grow and care for, and are used for garnishing gardens and then brought into the kitchen to flavour dishes everywhere. Thyme, for example, is famous for its expectorant properties.


4. Petunia

The fourth choice of summer plants for your garden is the petunia. With its beautiful, trumpet-shaped, multi-coloured flowers, it requires little water and only requires little strength. It also blooms all year round and will make your garden look great in any season. It is ideal for combining with other summer plants. Watering should be regular during the hottest days, but not too much (in general it does not need a lot of water). Fertilizer should also be applied during the summer season until mid-autumn.


5. Hibiscus

Last but not least is the hibiscus. An evergreen shrub that can grow up to five metres tall (if planted in the garden). Its funnel-shaped flower can come in different colours, all of which make it spectacular and exotic. It likes early morning sun and direct light. In summer it should be watered frequently without water overhanging and pruned in spring, if you want its flowering to be at its best during the summer.

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