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Pruning and work at height

We have the necessary equipment to carry out pruning and work at height.

One of the most essential tasks to take care of your garden when there are trees is pruning them. Depending on their characteristics, the state or need of the tree and the time of year, we will choose one type or another so that they always look healthy and develop correctly: cleaning, maintenance, aesthetic or training if the tree is young or mature. The greatest utility of this service is to stimulate the development of the tree's structure and to reduce the probability that inclement weather will damage it.

Even so, it is important to consider when it is necessary to prune a tree or not. At Punt Verd the first thing to do is to plant the trees and let them grow freely so that they adopt the natural shape of their species. Once this function is fulfilled, we prune them to keep them healthy, control the shape and measure them away from pest infection, among others.

At Punt Verd we carry out all types of pruning, but one of the most important is the pruning of large trees. To make this possible we carry out work at height with cranes and all the necessary equipment. We carry out these tasks regardless of the situation in which the tree is located: near a building, a fallen or broken tree... But always with the utmost care and professionalism. Once the pruning or work at height on large trees has been carried out, we lower the remains of these with the greatest caution so that they have as little impact as possible on the environment and, thus, avoid possible accidents that may be caused later on.

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