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Phytosanitary treatments

We are registered in the ROPCAT to guarantee the best phytosanitary treatments.

By phytosanitary treatment we understand that type of treatment that applies a substance or a combination of these to prevent and eliminate pests and diseases on plants. At Punt Verd we always prioritize the least harmful alternative for the environment, which is why our treatments are carried out in accordance with the principles of integrated pest management.

Our objective is an early detection of possible pests that may appear, so regular visits will be made and appropriate and less harmful measures will be proposed. However, beforehand, a diagnosis is carried out with the following steps:


We identify the pest and the affected area.


We define which treatment to use.


We locate the sensitive areas if we use chemical treatment.

When it is necessary to use the latter, we will prioritise the most innocuous ones. In addition, any phytosanitary product we use will be authorised in the Official Register of Phytosanitary Products of the MARM as a product suitable for parks and gardens.

We also consider the regulations on the use of pesticides. Our products respect aquatic and terrestrial fauna and we take the necessary precautions regarding the use of phytosanitary products in urban areas.

Trust in our phytosanitary treatments. We are registered in the ROPCAT (Registro oficial de productores y operadores de mediados de defensa fitosanitaria) and all our workers have a phytosanitary products applicator's license.

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