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Garden design

One of our specialities

Our team consists of designers, landscapers and a master gardener to create all types of gardens: open spaces, symmetrical and formal gardens or asymmetrical and informal.

More than 25 years of experience

We make our clients' dreams come true

We work with the assurance that we will carefully follow the pre-established planning and make use of the necessary tools and machinery to meet the expectations and needs of our clients.

We follow a specific process when it comes to designing the garden

From the planning and getting an idea of how your garden can be to the correct choice and incorporation of colours to give it harmony… At Punt Verd we follow all the points that we believe are essential for the development of the perfect garden.


We give importance to the knowledge of the client who has to know perfectly how his garden is and will be. He will be in charge of choosing which focal points he wants to introduce to give it character and essence: trees, shrubs, plants…


The essence and character are not only achieved with the simple introduction of elements; it has to be done with a certain rationalization so that they connect with each other and create an overall coherence.


To ensure that your garden is not monotonous and is dynamic, we believe that the combination of vertical and horizontal structures is appropriate. In addition, the symmetrical placement of all the elements will make your garden convey emotions.

This is one of our specialities - Coherent Gardens

We combine horizontal and vertical structures.

Essence and character - Symmetrical elements

We are your gardening company

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