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Construction of gardens

More than 20 years in garden construction

At Punt Verd we have more than 20 years of experience in the construction of gardens and, because we have made this possible, we have the best equipment and we work with the necessary tools and machinery to be able to carry out all the phases of the process to perfection.

Our team is made up of designers, landscapers and a master gardener to create all types of gardens: open spaces, symmetrical and formal gardens or asymmetrical and informal gardens, among others, with the insurance of dealing meticulously with the pre-established planning to meet the expectations and needs of our clients.

The phases we carry out for the construction of the perfect garden are as follows:

1. Analysis of the space

Before starting construction or even clearing the site, we carry out a site survey. We take notes and check the necessary points such as the characteristics and orientation of the terrain and the climatic, physical and environmental conditions that may be present.

2. Site clearance and earthworks

After the relevant study, any imperfections in the terrain are removed until it is completely clean. Subsequently, and whenever necessary, we will add topsoil.

3. Works

Once the land is completely clean, we start to install the garden equipment: walls, paths, paving...

4. Lighting

If you want your garden to have artificial lighting, we also take care of the installation of street lamps or floodlights.

5. Drainage and irrigation

As with the previous point, it is not necessary to install drainage pipes. Even so, there are many clayey and compacted soils with very little capacity to filter water. This can cause puddles to appear. Once this has been done, we will install all the irrigation equipment, which can be drip irrigation or, the most recommendable, the automatic irrigation system.

6. Planting and sowing

This is the last step in the process before presenting the final project to the client. In this phase, the sowing of the lawn, planting or trees is carried out according to the client's wishes.

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