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Artificial grass

We work with quality brands to carry out the installation and maintenance of the best decorative artificial grass.

At Punt Verd we only work with high quality material and we have the best suppliers to satisfy the needs of our clients to perfection. In addition to natural grass, we also take care of the installation and maintenance of decorative artificial grass. We do this together with reliable suppliers in order to offer the best guarantee as with all our other services.

As with natural grass, before laying and installation, we carry out a preliminary work to prepare the ground. First of all, we analyze it and if there are weeds in the litter, we carry out the appropriate extraction. Subsequently, we provide sablon sand and level the ground to place the anti-germinating mesh. Once these tasks are complete, we can say that we have the ground in perfect condition to place, with great care, the reels of artificial turf; this way we ensure that the final result is the desired one.

In addition to the installation, we take care of its maintenance. It is necessary to clean it properly to remove any organic waste that may fall and it is advisable to water it every day, especially during the hottest months of the summer. It is also important to comb it regularly to bring it back to its original condition as it was on the first day, as the passage of time and the use made of it is very likely to worsen its leaves.

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