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Natural grass

We lay and maintain cultivated natural grass for one year.

At Punt Verd we adapt to the demands of our clients; for this reason, we offer the service of laying and maintenance of the two types of grass that exist: natural and artificial. We are always very methodical and very curious. In the first case, we only lay natural grass that has been cultivated for a period of one year. By this way, we ensure that we obtain an extension of high-quality grass that will be in perfect condition from the first day.

However, there are several tasks to be carried out before they are set up. Such as cleaning and aerating the sun in order to decompact it; cleaning the plot where we plan to place the sands; levelling the land, as if this is not done it can create water pools that will not allow the sod to drain properly; firming or compacting the land with a weighted roller or watering the land so that it is damp. After having the desired extension, there are also tasks to be considered: compacting, irrigating and mowing the installed grass. In addition to the task of laying and installing, there is also the task of maintenance through watering, which is essential for its survival; that of mowing, in order to reduce the risk of pests or diseases; or that of fertilizing with the necessary nutrients to keep the grass healthy, green and shiny. However, there are other methods such as aerating it, weeding it with weights or replanting it.

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