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Garden maintenance

We carry out garden maintenance work throughout the year.

At Punt Verd we have more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction of gardens. However, our work does not end here and we also focus on garden maintenance. A task that we carry out throughout the year in any green space, regardless of its characteristics or dimensions.

The care, maintenance and upkeep of a garden is key to ensure that it always looks as good as the first day. For this reason, at Punt Verd we take care of all types of interiors, window boxes, terraces, open-air spaces and public or private gardens with any type of characteristics or size, all year round and in a comprehensive manner.

Cleaning and leaf collection

Weeds are a persistent problem in many gardens, that is why their control has to be continuous and permanent in order to have a garden that does not look neglected.


It is important to have lawn care and that this does not grow too much; as it could increase the risk of pests appearing.


The most common reason for pruning trees is for aesthetic gain. Even so, the action is necessary to eliminate dead branches or branches affected by pests, thus slowing down the transmission of pests.


This practice is very important to increase the production of trees and flora in general. It is very useful in dealing with problems such as environmental pollution.

Fertilizer during the appropriate season

They provide the necessary nutrients for the timely growth of plants, trees or lawns in the garden. There are different types: organic fertilisers, which come from materials of animal or vegetable origin; and mineral fertilisers, which come from industrial processes of a physical or chemical nature.

Neteja i recollida de fulles

Les males herbes són un problema persistent en molts jardins, per això el seu control ha de ser continu i permanent per tenir un jardí que no sembli descuidat.​


És important tenir cura de la gespa i que aquesta no creixi molt; ja que podria incrementar el risc d’aparició de plagues.


El motiu més comú de la poda d’arbres és per guanyar en estètica. Tanmateix, l’acció és necessària per eliminar branques mortes o afectades per plagues fent que freni la transmissió d’aquestes.


Aquesta pràctica és molt important per tal d’incrementar la producció d’arbres i flora, en general. Resulta molt útil a l'hora d’afrontar problemes com la contaminació ambiental.​​

Adobs durant l'època que pertoqui

Aporten els nutrients necessaris per a l’oportú creixement de les plantes, arbres o de la gespa del jardí. Hi ha de diferent mena: els orgànics que provenen de materials d’origen animal o vegetal; i els minerals, que tenen la seva procedència en procediments industrials de caràcter físic o químic.

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