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Cleaning and clearing

We carry out the cleaning and clearing of any property, land or plot of land.

At Punt Verd we take care of the cleaning and maintenance of gardens, but our work goes beyond that. Regardless of its purpose, we also carry out the cleaning and clearing of any property, land or plot. Tasks that are used to help redesign the land, for the construction of new homes or to control a large and neglected space. In particular, we focus on plots during the fire season to avoid any risk, but also on land before it is built on. Finally, we handle organic waste and treat it appropriately to obtain useful material for composting.

Even so, there are many other reasons to decide to clean or clear your land.

Redueix el risc d’incendi​

Desfer-se de les plantes podrides, sigui en grans terrenys o en jardins, a climes àrids és beneficiós, ja que ajuda a disminuir el risc d’incendi i la possible propagació posterior. ​

Contra les plagues​

Realitzar un bon desbrossament ajudarà a controlar les plagues i l’excessiu nombre d’insectes o animals; perquè les zones amb espessa vegetació solen ser les preferides per la seva aparició. ​

Garanteix la salut i la seguretat​

En grans terrenys com boscos, no fer la tasca de desbrossament pot fer acumular una gran quantitat de branques que cauen dels arbres morts o en mal estat. Això pot provocar lesions als transeünts. A més, aquestes restes poden comportar malalties o virus transmesos a través de l’aire.​

Mantenir el terreny en bon estat​

L’aparició no desitjada d’un gran nombre d’arbres i plantes atreu les males herbes i les plantes no desitjades. Això podria provocar problemes en l’erosió del terreny. Amb el desbrossament es pot aconseguir un sol equitativament repartit.​

Ajuda a un òptim creixement d’arbres​

Els terrenys amb molta vegetació poden fer disminuir les possibilitats que un arbre creixi en bones condicions o, fins i tot, que sobrevisquin. ​

Neteja i desbroçaments

It reduces the risk of fire

Getting rid of rotting plants, whether on large plots of land or in gardens in arid climates, is beneficial, as it helps to reduce the risk of fire and possible further spread.

Against pests

Good weeding will help to control pests and excessive numbers of insects or animals, because thickly vegetated areas are often favoured for their appearance.

Ensures health and safety

In large areas such as woodlands, failure to clear can lead to the accumulation of a large number of branches falling from dead or decaying trees. This can cause injury to passers-by. In addition, this debris can carry airborne diseases or viruses.

Keeping the ground in good condition

The unwanted appearance of a large number of trees and plants attracts weeds and unwanted plants. This can lead to soil erosion problems. By clearing the soil, an even distribution of sunlight can be achieved.

Helps optimal tree growth

Overgrown land can reduce the chances of a tree growing in good condition or even surviving.

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